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Consensus Guidelines

Consensus Guideline for Use of Glucarpidase in Patients with High‐Dose Methotrexate Induced Acute Kidney Injury and Delayed Methotrexate Clearance.

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Highlights - Consensus Guidelines

Highlighted excerpts from the Consensus Guideline for Use of Glucarpidase in Patients with High-Dose Methotrexate Induced Acute Kidney Injury and Delayed Methotrexate Clearance.

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Glucarpidase Treatment Algorithm

Download and print for your practice: Treatment algorithm based on the Consensus Guidelines.

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Stocking Guidelines

Review the stocking guidelines established by an international expert panel.

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NCCN Guidelines

Review the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines for treating various cancers.

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Early Warning Signs

Download this resource to help you identify the early warning signs for methotrexate toxicity.

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Methotrexate Monitoring Tool

Methotrexate Monitoring Tool

Visit to see if your patient is clearing MTX as expected. This tool was independently developed by Dr. Laura Ramsey of Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center and lead author of the Consensus Guidelines5 and provides:

  • A free, open-access clinical decision-making tool for monitoring plasma MTX elimination in both adult and pediatric patients
  • No log in required
  • No patient data stored on the website (but can be stored to local computer and browser)
  • Visual display of data shows expected and actual MTX elimination curves along with serum creatinine trend and predicted time to reach discharge threshold levels
  • Patient report can be downloaded and saved as PDFs or printed

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Expert Discussions

The ASCO® Post CME

Review a roundtable discussion between 3 experts about how to identify patients treated with HDMTX who are at risk for developing AKI, the clinical implications of guidelines, and strategies to integrate guidelines into practice.

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Consensus Guideline Expert Interview

Watch and listen to experts discuss important information about guidelines for managing patients with delayed methotrexate elimination due to renal impairment.

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Review the management of delayed MTX elimination due to AKI according to published clinical guidelines using two certified case-based activities of HDMTX toxicity created for oncology advanced practitioners.

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Clinical Articles

Length of stay, mortality, and readmissions among Medicare cancer patients treated with glucarpidase and conventional care: a retrospective study.

Examine hospital length of stay, mortality, and readmission rates for Medicare cancer patients with delayed clearance of MTX treated with glucarpidase.

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A Clinical Decision Support Tool Evaluating High‐Dose Methotrexate Pharmacokinetics to Inform Post‐Infusion Care and Use of Glucarpidase.

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