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Ordering Voraxaze®

Voraxaze® can be ordered 24 hours/day, 7 days/week through ASD Healthcare. ASD Healthcare can process orders for expedited or next-day delivery. Same-day emergency delivery available; delivery times vary by geography and time of order. To place an order through ASD please contact them directly at 1-855-786-7292.
Voraxaze® is available for purchase for Just In Time and Stocking orders through:

Voraxaze® Specialty Distributor:

  • ASD Healthcare

Voraxaze® Drop-ship Partners:

  • AmerisourceBergen
  • Cardinal Health
  • McKesson
  • McKesson Plasma & Biologics
You may also email voraxaze@btgsp.com for questions and support.

Expert Consensus Guidelines for Stocking Antidotes in Hospitals That Provide Emergency Care

All hospitals that provide emergency care should stock 5 vials of Voraxaze®.1

Voraxaze® Reimbursement

For reimbursement questions and support, please contact 1-844-293-0007 or email voraxaze@btgplc.com.

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