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Dosing & Administration

Administration of Voraxaze

Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) dosing should be adjusted based on patient weight.1

Administer Voraxaze as a single bolus intravenous injection of 50 U/kg over 5 minutes.1

*When dosing by kilogram, each dosage category represents the high end for that weight (i.e., patients 21-40 kg should receive 2 vials of Voraxaze).
Each vial contains 1000 units.
Continue to dose patients weighing more than 353 lb according to their weight.


  • Reconstitute with 1 mL of sterile saline for injection, USP.
  • Roll and tilt the vial gently to mix. Do not shake.
  • Inspect the vial and discard Voraxaze if the solution is not clear, colorless, and free of particulate matter.


  • Use reconstituted Voraxaze immediately or store under refrigeration at 36° to 46°F (2° to 8°C) for up to 4 hours if not used immediately.
  • Contains no preservative and is supplied as a single-use vial.
  • Discard any unused product.