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Most Common Adverse Reactions With Voraxaze® (glucarpidase) Treatment1

 Adverse reactions >1% possibly, probably, or definitely related to Voraxaze1,
Adverse reactionN=290, n (%)
Paresthesia7 (2%)
Flushing✝︎5 (2%)
Nausea/Vomiting5 (2%)
Headache2 (1%)
Hypotension2 (1%)

*Excluding hematologic, hepatic, or renal adverse reactions.
✝︎This adverse reaction includes the following terms: flushing, feeling hot, burning sensation. 

  • Adverse reaction severity was rated as Grade 1 or Grade 2 for all events, except for 1 patient who reported Grade 3 flushing.1
  • Adverse reactions related to toxic methotrexate (MTX) levels due to prolonged MTX clearance included myelosuppression, mucositis, acute hepatitis, and renal dysfunction and failure.1

Trust Voraxaze for Rapid and Sustained Reductions in MTX1

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