Within 15 Minutes, Patients Experienced Rapid Reductions in Plasma MTX Concentrations1

At each post-Voraxaze® assessment time point, the median MTX concentration was <0.54 μmol/L, corresponding to a median reduction of ≥97% from pre-Voraxaze® measurements.2

Voraxaze® reduced plasma MTX concentrations by ≥97% within 15 minutes in all 22 treatment-evaluable patients.1

Patients Sustained Reductions in Plasma MTX Concentrations for Up to 8 Days1


of patients taking Voraxaze® (20 of 22) achieved sustained reductions for up to 8 days1


of patients (10 of 22) achieved rapid and sustained clinically important reduction (RSCIR)1

  • These results are from a single-arm, open-label study in 22 treatment-evaluable patients with markedly delayed MTX clearance secondary to AKI1
  • The primary endpoint of the study was the proportion of patients achieving RSCIR in plasma MTX concentrations (<1 μmol/L) following initial injection1
  • Of the 12 patients who failed to achieve RSCIR, 5 patients (23%) attained a transient plasma methotrexate concentration of <1 μmol/L1

Early Administration of Voraxaze® May Diminish the Risk for Serious Life-Threatening Toxicity and Even Death2,3

Incidence of Grade 4 toxicity was significantly lower with early administration of Voraxaze®2

  • Administration of Voraxaze® ≤96 hours after HDMTX exposure appeared to protect from the development of toxicity2
  • Grade 4 toxicity developed in only 9/64 (14%) compared to 6/11 (55%) who received Voraxaze® more than 96 hours after starting HDMTX2

Incidence of mortality was significantly lower with early administration of Voraxaze®3

  • Of 476 patients receiving Voraxaze®, death occurred in 22% of patients treated after >4 days of HDMTX compared to 10.9% treated within 2 days of HDMTX3
  • There are no controlled trials comparing Voraxaze® plus supportive care to supportive care measures alone in patients with toxic plasma MTX concentrations due to impaired renal function; therefore, there are no data regarding the effect of Voraxaze® on survival or toxic death due to MTX. Voraxaze® did not prevent fatal MTX toxicity in 3% of patients in the safety population3

Voraxaze® Delivered Clinically Important MTX Reductions in Markedly Less Time1,4-6

Patients can achieve clinically important reductions in plasma MTX concentrations within 15 minutes vs 5 to 11 days

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