Hospital outcomes

Use of Voraxaze® Leads to Reduced Length of Stay and Reduced Mortality Rates1

In a retrospective study of Medicare patients with cancer, patients treated with Voraxaze® had all of the following benefits compared to nonglucarpidase patients treated with dialysis (dialysis+) and nonglucarpidase patients with or without dialysis treatment (dialysis+/-), respectively1*:

  • Shorter mean hospital length of stay (14.7 days vs 40.2 days and 21.9 days)
  • Shorter mean ICU length of stay (4.0 days vs 18.2 days in the dialysis+ group)
  • Lower inpatient mortality rates (3.3% vs 50.6% and 20.8%)
  • Lower 90-day mortality rates (16.7% vs 58.6% and 37.6%)

*Utilizing Medicare inpatient claims data between 2010 and 2017, investigators compared outcomes and healthcare resource utilization between patients treated with Voraxaze® (n=30) and patients not treated with Voraxaze® (n=701), all of whom had experienced AKI secondary to inpatient chemotherapy.

Mean length of stay (LOS) among patients treated with Voraxaze® and the non-Voraxaze® groups1

Rates of mortality among patients treated with Voraxaze® and the non-Voraxaze® groups1

Early vs Late Treatment With Voraxaze®1

Voraxaze® patients treated within 3 days of admission (n=18) had shorter ICU and hospital LOS compared to Voraxaze® patients treated after 3 days (n=12).

Early cohortLate cohort
Overall length of stay10.0 days21.7 days (P=0.002)
Length of hospital stay after Voraxaze®8.5 days14.6 days (P=0.057)
Length of ICU stay0.8 days8.9 days (P=0.020)

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