Most Common Adverse Reactions With Voraxaze® Treatment1

 Adverse reactions >1% possibly, probably, or definitely related to Voraxaze®1
Adverse reactionN=290, n (%)
Paresthesia7 (2%)
Flushing✝︎5 (2%)
Nausea/Vomiting5 (2%)
Headache2 (1%)
Hypotension2 (1%)

 *Excluding hematologic, hepatic, or renal adverse reactions.
✝︎This adverse reaction includes the following terms: flushing, feeling hot, burning sensation. 

  • Adverse reaction severity was rated as Grade 1 or Grade 2 for all events, except for 1 patient who reported Grade 3 flushing1
  • Adverse reactions related to toxic MTX levels due to prolonged MTX clearance included myelosuppression, mucositis, acute hepatitis, and renal dysfunction and failure1

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